Areas of Practice


Alternate dispute resolution is a tool used by the courts and attorneys to resolve lawsuits without having to go to trial. Often a mediator will be appointed by the Court, or agreed upon by the attorneys to assist in helping the parties settle their case. In other instances, the parties may be required or compelled to arbitrate their dispute in front of an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators who will decide the issues. Wesley Pipes has represented hundreds of clients in mediations and arbitrations and has vast experience in both procedures.


The liability of architects, engineers, and contractors in the design and construction of buildings, bridges, drainage systems, and neighborhoods and streets is a complex and often technical area of the law requiring knowledge of construction practices, engineering design, and the contracts that are routinely entered by and between the parties that allocate liability among them. We have represented a number of local, regional, and international architectural and engineering firms for claims alleging defective design and oversight and in contractual disputes.


Disputes often arise between owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, and independent contractors and suppliers. The relationships between these parties is complex, as are the contracts that govern their respective obligations and liabilities. Wesley Pipes has extensive experience representing developers, general contractors, subcontractors, independent contractors and suppliers in a wide range of disputes as varied as drafting contracts, filing liens, and helping the parties get paid. He routinely represents owners and contractors in disputes alleging defective work.


We regularly draft and form limited liability companies (LLC), corporations and partnerships, and assist with regular annual corporate governance. In addition, we assist businesses buy and sell shares, interests in LLCs, or assets, whether in whole or in part. Wesley Pipes routinely represents LLC members and corporate shareholders in disputes with other members and shareholders. These disputes often arise out of a majority shareholder or LLC member attempting to “squeeze out” a minority member or from the misappropriation of corporate or business assets.


We have extensive experience representing insurance carriers, and insured individuals and businesses in disputes arising out of whether or not claims or lawsuits are covered by insurance. Wesley Pipes has authored hundreds of coverage opinion letters for over a dozen insurance carriers and has litigated both for and against insurance carriers in the state and federal courts of Alabama.


We devote a large portion of our practice representing individuals and businesses in disputes and litigation involving real estate issues. In addition, we routinely assist in all manner of real estate transactions, including helping landlords and tenants negotiate leases, assisting commercial landlords in the recovery of rent and property, and assisting commercial and residential purchasers and sellers negotiate and close sales contracts.

Wesley recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a husband and wife in a suit for judicial foreclosure of farm property brought by a large agricultural bank in Baldwin County. In another recent case, he obtained a verdict for over $120,000.00 on behalf of a former condominium owner engaged in a complex dispute involving Alabama’s Condominium Act. He currently represents several landowners in ongoing disputes regarding easements, rights of access, riparian rights, and a host of other issues.